About KIMT

Our primary mission is to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge and enrich and elevate the citizens of Bangladesh, the Nation, and the World. The other mission of KIMT is to create a flow of quality human resource that is capable of meeting and successfully overcoming the global challenges of tomorrow and contributes effectively to Global well being at the forefront of knowledge.

The Goals of KIMT is to provide outstanding academic programs and excellent teaching and learning environment and achieve student access, persistence and success through graduation and beyond that match the best land grant educational institution in the country.

KIMT plans to become a major player in this region in the business education sector by not only educating Bangladesh students but also plans to bring students from Nepal, Bhutan, and other countries and imparting them with cutting edge European business qualifications from its Bangladesh campus.

KIMT programs vary to include Doctorate, MBA, BBA, Diploma and Certificate programs which are carried out in partnership with SMC University, Switzerland. Web- www.swissmc.ch and OTHM, UK. Web(www.othm.org.uk). KIMT has a partnership with that two hospitality institute SWISS IM&H is a member of EDUQUA since 2012.

EDUQUA is recommended by the immigration authorities and by the education department of Canton of Lucerne. The University of Gloucestershire is a very reputed research university in the UK. SWISS IM&H and SHML have an academic agreement with the University of Gloucestershire so that our students can finish the final year on the UoG campus. In that way, our students will have the possibilities to earn a dual degree in the bachelor and master level from SWISS IM&H and from the University of Gloucestershire.

SMC University Switzerland’s most programs are accredited by ACBSP. During the past years in the market, KIMT( Bangladesh) has been the destination for thousands of business professionals in various business fields who benefited from its education and training programs and management consulting services. To emerge as one of the top global institutes of choice and a center of excellence in higher education, management, research, training, consultancy and projects in technology-driven environment and to contribute to the excellence of the organizations imbibed with values for sustainable social transformation.

The mission of Kingston is:
• To develop competent and open-minded men and women for leadership positions in industry and government.
• To present skillful individuals with the background necessary to follow advanced study;
• To engage participants in a constructive exchange with other cultures and ways of doing business.