Masters Degree

Master (MBA) in General Management

SMC’s online MBA program provides a well-balanced combination of academic and practical business content. The program delivers a solid understanding of the complexity of the business organization and gives practical tools for resolving the often-conflicting interests of its different departments and areas.

This program is ideal for high potentials that strive to lead and oversee operations, as well as those who run their own business and need to have a thorough understanding of the tasks executed by employees in different departments. The general character of the program will give you efficient tools for transforming ideas and talents into a successful business. The work-placement advantage of the MBA is its widely accepted character, which therefore allows you to embed yourself into various fields in corporate management.

The SMC Master Programs are being offered jointly with our degree-granting partner Universidad Central de Nicaragua.

UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua was founded in 1997 as a private Nicaraguan university in Managua, Nicaragua. It was accredited by the CNU Consejo Nacional de Universidades and received the status of a fully autonomous university with unrestricted degree awarding authority by Act of Parliament and by the award of the fully autonomous university status by Decree of the President of Nicaragua.


The SMC online MBA program is intellectually challenging and has been designed by top academicians business leaders. It strongly supports self-paced learning and provides unparalleled flexibility. A peer review is strongly promoted. It forms a cornerstone of the program’s performance management and trains your feedback-, responsibility-, timing-, and teamwork skills.


Sl.No. Subject
1 Marketing Management
2 Managerial Finance & Accounting
3 Business Research
4 Managerial Economics
5 Human Resource Management
6 International Business and Trade
7 Management
8 Business Development Management
9 Operation Management
10 Strategic Management
11 Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
12 Project Management and Execution
13 Capstone Project Expectations
14 Capstone Defense
15 Oral Defense

Graduation Criteria
The Master Degree is granted following the successful completion of the subjects.
The accumulation of a minimum of 90 (with a 4-year Bachelor) to 120 (with a 3-year Bachelor) ECTS credits (or less in accordance with the undergraduate degree credits) is required.

The completion of a capstone project is to be presented to the Swiss Management Center. Students should achieve a minimum overall GPA of 2.7